nicky's website

decided to change this up a bit. soooo i'll be adding some journal stuff i guess, and also some documentation on projects. also, i don't know how to customize this page (in terms of what style i want to use) but i won't be going for that XP style i went for a long time ago. if you have questions, go to my curiouscat:

i have a bunch of journals on some old hard drives that i need to pull out, so i'll have to work on that. i might also have to recreate them if i can't get them on my computer

q: will windows 2002 be available for download again?

a: no, as i have abandoned the idea of having an ISO centered around a mere theme on a rather archaic system. however, i will port the theme to GTK3, openbox, and XFWM4. hell, maybe i'll release the original theme files that work on XP just for shits and giggles. also, the "OS" is not something i'm too fond of anyway, and it was pretty broken at the start too. all i can say is that windows 2002 was just XP slimmed down and skinned, whilst also having a few things broken like windows installer. if you still run XP (or hell, even "2002" if you fell for it lmao), i would highly encourage you to use GNU+Linux. my favorite distro is arch, and it works very well on computers made from 2007 onward. however, i'd just recommend getting a new PC if anything, since hardware from nearly 20 years ago up to around 2008 is obsolete.